helloWhen I had my practice in Florida, I repeatedly saw a particular dynamic in people.  They moved down from Ohio, Pennsylvania, or wherever.  For them, that was their home.  Their roots remained “up north.”  That’s the community they cared about.  Florida was just a place to avoid the winters.  It seemed their sense of responsibility, dignity, and integrity was left at the border.  But what I really noticed was a loss of their own human decency, their own self-respect, meaning to their life.  A lot of people move to Florida in their old age.  It’s as if it’s a place they can go to die.  What I think a number of them don’t realize is that it is as if the best part of them died the moment they set foot on Florida soil.  Needless to say, this certainly isn’t true of all Floridians, but it certainly is a syndrome I saw.

It’s been said that a person needs to live for something greater than themselves.  I only agree with that with respect to the small self, the personality self. (Needless to say, there is nothing bigger than the true Self, the Transcendental Self, but that’s not what we are referring to here.)  You would do well to ask yourself what it is you live for.  What is it that you live true to?

I have spoken in the past of the Cosmic Flow, the Divine Flow of life.  I’ve said coming into tune with your own true nature, your dharma, your life’s purpose, is all about living in accord with the Cosmic Flow.  You are one with it.

But let’s take a closer look at this.  On a day-to-day level, what does that look like?  What does it mean to you?  For some people, it’s just making money.  Other people would say it is their family.  I certainly see the truth in that, understand it, and can completely relate to it.  However, that is not the extent of it.  A person needs to have some purpose, something to achieve, something to commit their life to.  Some would say it is their profession.  That may or may not be true depending upon the profession chosen.

In my life, my commitment is clear.  That commitment is what brought Mount Soma into existence.  Though it is understood on so many different levels that it almost becomes meaningless, I feel from my side that my commitment is a commitment to God.  God is the Divine Flow, the Cosmic Flow.

You are one with God.  To be committed to God is to be committed to the true Self.  The true Self is far bigger than the small self, the personality self.  In that sense, you have to live your life committed to something greater than the personality self, greater than family, friends, and loved ones.  A life without that is a life without roots.  It’s a life without true purpose.  It saddens me to see how few people know their purpose, or even if they do, how few have all out commitment to it.  And people wonder why they are not happy.  The truth is you need to know your Self fully enough that the theme of your life is something that on a daily basis you live for, and that if need be, you would be willing to die for.

Few people understand this.  They project their priorities and their value systems onto me.  I’ve come to realize it is simply because they cannot begin to comprehend what motivates me.  What motivates me is the Divine Flow.  It is almost as if I have ceased to exist.  If by “I”, you mean my personality self, I no longer live for that.  I live and breathe the divinity that dwells at the depth of my being, a level of the Self that remains shrouded from the perception of most individuals.  My purpose is to assist every individual in removing that shroud.  Only commitment to that will bring you the fulfillment you long for.

Do not waiver.  Do not compromise.  Your true purpose is divine.  Your true purpose is not limited to a handful of people or a fistful of dollars.  Your true purpose is one with all that is.  When you find it, nothing would ever be able to distract you from it.  It is then that you will find what it is you long for.  Think big.

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