Everyone has their own fixed idea: Christians, Jews, Hindus, New Agers, agnostics, and atheists including denominations within each group. So has the term “God” lost its meaning? Does it make sense for each little caucus to uniquely use the term “God” in their own way? Or could it be that by deepening our understanding, we can free humanity from years of bias, indoctrination, and superstition? Or has humanity not yet embraced the nature of life and existence adequately to take on such a task? Can unity in the midst of diversity exists among religions? Through deeper understanding, can apparently contradictory perspectives on religion be understood as different angles of approach to the same one thing? The same one “God”?

Hopefully there are at least some people who are willing to refine and evolve their understanding of the word “God”. You would think people would need a better reason to believe what they believe than that they happen to be born into one religious perspective or another. However, that is rarely the case. Generally most everyone on the planet considers themselves to be one of the very fortunate few born into the right perspective on religion and God.

So what can we do about this? How do we go about attaining a deeper understanding of life and existence? Firstly, I would suggest taking a deeper look. Take time to think. Time to ponder. Time to reflect. Time to sort things out in a manner that makes sense.

The rational, the spiritual, the diverse religions, the diverse cultures need not be at odds. Nor does the world need one religion with one universal perspective. What is needed is an understanding that does not bury our heads in the sand, but rather integrates all aspects of life, all religions, all fields of study, all cultures, all people, all perspectives, all that is. Such an understanding that puts all the pieces of the puzzle of life together does indeed exist, but we need to look deeper than our indoctrinations.

What Does 'God' Mean?

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