My Notes for this podcast:

Understanding “prapancham” is huge step in understanding life, yourself and others.

“Multiple universes”

“parallel universes”

everyones own unique prapancham.  can’t really see it from within it

how the soul enters the body..

The 5 Divine Currents and the karma around them. [discuss each]

Understanding the full range from multiple “universes” to your personal “world”.

Life is the integration prccess of soul with body.. embodiment

Deep inside you are already enlightened… everyone feels it.

Psychologists say the first 5 years determines essential nature [karma]

the soul enters through the crown and seats in the sacrum  sacred bone.. first chakra

Prapancham, from the universe to “your world”

Your Karma: Essential Knowledge

free will vs karma

karma vs dharma

your life is greatly determined by how you react to what happens

your decisions determine your life

its about your ‘relationship with’

to feel free vs to actually be free

Many great paths    but that is not the question    the only question is what is your path?

How to change the course of history: from your world to globally


Mt Soma

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