I may start a series of ‘What I find funny’ blogs: sayings or situations that make me chuckle, smile, or even laugh out loud.

Some of you may remember the time I took a wrong turn, and ended up outside New York City, in a pretty rough, spooky, and dangerous ghetto area. When I stopped at a gas station to ask how to get to my Manhattan destination, the attendant responded by saying, “You can’t get there from here.” I immediately burst out laughing.

Well, someone just sent a response to one of my emails that made me laugh with sort of a similar response, when it said, “I’ll let you know when I get here.”

“When I get here” is funny. Firstly, just on face value: If you’re ‘HERE’, you’re already ‘THERE.’ Right? But it is also funny in a profound sort of way. We are all already ‘HERE’ (or is it ‘THERE’?). We just don’t know it, which is why we are not already ‘HERE’ (nor ‘THERE’). But I guess ‘THAT’ is neither here nor there… or is it neither ‘HERE’ nor ‘THERE’?

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