imageEvidently, China and India plan to begin using Gold instead of the US dollar to purchase oil from Iran.  We foresaw this sort of thing when the US threatened to remove countries that bought oil from Iran from the Swift system of financial trading.  That silly threat compelled those countries to make such a move.

The dollar will likely continue to be replaced by gold as the international trade currency.  If that continues, the next step will be for the dollar to lose its position as the medium for banking reserves… again replaced by gold.

As this occurs, the demand for physical gold will rise significantly, increasing the price.  Currently, much of gold trading is done by simply wagering bets on the price, with no demand for actual gold to be in hand.  This undermines the price and opens the market to manipulation.

Originally commodity futures were used to stabilize prices. They have now become derivative gambling and virtual asset holding. This radically increases the amount of debt.

This debt expansion has already occurred with the Federal government printing all the money needed to cover the debts.  “The cat is already out of the bag.”  It is quite doubtful that anything can be done to prevent it at this point. Even if something could be done, the likelihood of it being done is remote indeed.

This is not to be considered a fearful situation.  It is only yours to plan accordingly. If you do so, the transition to a new global financial age will occur easily for you.  I have advised how to do that.  Number one rule is to not behave like a deer in headlights.   Don’t freeze.

The Age of Enlightenment is coming.  This is all just part of the birthing process.  Be well positioned, and prosper on all levels.  This is the year of positivity.  Step forward with positive actions.  Positive means in harmony with nature.  It is natural for there to be sunny days as well as stormy days.  Anything can be justified with the intellect.  You must look deeper to live better.

Make your decisions, not based upon how you think things should be or how they were, but upon how things are. To do this, you must look and feel deep within yourself.  Truth lies there.  A visionary is nothing more than a person who does that.  All knowledge is within YOU.  Talk is cheap.  Opinions based upon superficial evaluations are everywhere.

History repeats itself.  Those who do not look deeper are swept along with the currents of karma.  How remarkable that an entire population of people followed a madman to bring havoc to the world… over and over again.  I assure you that those people did not believe they were mistaken or puppets as that occurred.  They believe they were in the right.

Karma is what it is.  As Will Rogers said, “I’d rather be lucky than good.”  But you can certainly improve the odds of having a great life tremendously by acting with wisdom.  Wisdom is the permeation of the surface of your being with the depth of your being.  The winds of karma blow most ferociously on the surface of life.

Look beyond the surface.  On the surface lies the conditioning and programming of lifetimes.  At the depth, you see truth.  You are truth.  No one can hand that to you. You have to pursue it for yourself.  Good advice is everywhere.  So is bad advice. Both are presented by ‘experts.’  You must open your eyes and decide for yourself. To do that, you must use everything you’ve got.

The only gold you can possibly own for real dwells within you.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.