The foundation of existence is Consciousness… i.e., the unified field. Identity is a quality of consciousness.

Are the quantum, fundamental, building blocks of existence, particles or waves? Reality is an identity continuum. On the deepest level of relativity, there are no particles, only Consciousness, then probability clouds… waves. An electron on that level is a probability wave. If you grab onto the wave, it collapses down to a particle at a particular point in space and time. Matter, then, is a level of existence, a level of identity, in the reality continuum. Matter is Consciousness coalesced through identity-with-a-perspective, determining how the probability cloud is perceived, grabbed onto, and thusly how it emerges as a point in space-time.

Consciousness manifests on the deepest level of existence as space, Akasha, the ‘glue’ that holds all levels of relativity together. Particles on one level, waves on a deeper level, unified and held together through Akasha.

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