mountain viewMy response to MB’s comment on “the Razors Edge” Blog:

Define “True.”

What does it mean for something to be true? If it is not refuted by anything… if it applies on all levels to all that is… is it then true? Well, not necessarily. You could conceive of something like “The Evil Deceiver” that philosophers conceptualized… sort of like the movie, “The Matrix”.

Yet there is a principle (Occam’s Razor) that says the simplest solution is the correct one. Once you grasp what I am saying, then it is so simple… so clear… so full… so all encompassing… so straightforward… so obviously true. Beyond that, it touches a place inside that knows… that has always known… that has no doubt it is true. That is not faith. It is not belief. It is called Knowledge with a capital “K”. All comes around full circle. You awaken to that one thing out of which all was born.

As you meditate and evolve, your perception of ‘it’ becomes clearer and clearer.  You understand and feel it more and more fully.  You become increasingly certain of its validity.  It all starts to make more and more sense to you.  Everything starts coming together within you. It can be compared to climbing a mountain. First, you are in the valley. The thick brush and trees obstruct your view. It is not possible to determine the lay of the land. As you climb higher, you begin to glimpse what lies a bit further out in one direction. However, once the mountain peak is reached, you see for 360 degrees. Everything falls into place and is clear, simple, obvious, and oh so beautiful.

The universe is born out of pure consciousness.  A number of modern physicists say that the unified field is in fact, quite simply, pure consciousness. All is that. Like all in a dream is born out of your consciousness. Knowledge is structured in consciousness. As your consciousness expand and evolves your understanding of everything changes. That process culminates in a state where everything comes together. It is like standing on the mountain peak. What before seemed theoretical at best, is suddenly obvious. Yet as you ascend the mountainside, your feeling for it… you sense of its nature… becomes more and more clear. It all starts to make more and more sense. At some point, you reach the summit. You are certain it is true even though you still have a little way to go before you are actually at the peak of the mountain with a totally unobstructed view all the way around. Everything maps. Just as the mountain climber longs for that moment when the 360 degree view is first experienced, every individual longs for that moment when all of life comes together within them. That is true of all life, all beings, all existence. Everything gravitates back to wholeness… back to Oneness… back to God.  See?

It is not just a concept. Everything clicks into place… not a philosophy, but as a self-evident state of being.

How do you know that 2+2=4? It is obvious. I offer a level of life where the very nature of all (that is) is obvious. It is not faith. It is not assumption. It is not just an intellectual model.

It is glimpsed by all beings to varying degrees.  Once it is directly (fully) experienced everything clicks into place.  It is then quite simply irrefutable.

That is called enlightenment.

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