Minds: Discerning vs. Narrow; Open Chakras:

Blossomed vs Detonated

Opening thoughts:

’’The only way to have a friend is to be one.”


Small minds talk about people. Mediocre minds talk about events.  Great minds talk about ideas


The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do,


We are already feeling things amping up here from the upcoming Kumbabishekam.  Brian mentioned it … Panditji feels it too.  Until Brian brought it up, I said nothing because I felt people would think I was just mood making.

Solar Flares now high:  some say world stress corresponds.  True or not, choppy month ahead IMHO


The Good(?) and Bad of it.  Huge decline in patriotism and religion, and also in importance of having children.

Anti Patriotism and a given Religion is not about that particular nation or religion.  It is actually about the human condition.  All nations, and groups are permeated with Rakshasa consciousness,  But people do not consider themselves to be the Rakshasas.  They consider themselves to be right,  In fact, their sense of self worth demands it. 

1/3 of Americans under age 30 get their news from TicTok

TicTok under the terms of service tracks every key stroke on the phone

Choosing to not have children is being convinced by the movement to degrade society.

Divide and concur: 

Former KGB operative states that 85% of KGB activity was to undermine America, and only 15% was a spy

All are created equal: what that really means

making sense of reparations:  nobody or everybody so what is the difference?  Destruction of culture is something money will not buy back.

One in three Americans are lonely.    60% of young Americans are lonely

Christians are now demonized?

Kerry Lake is now the radical?

trans 7th victim, trans encouraged too arm

Gender dysphoria definition


Rakshasas dwell inside of people in kali yuga and these days in particular are having a field day.

i.e. Sick society of Kali Yuga but keep eye on big picture.. Golden Age of Sat Yuga just around the corner.  Just a couple more years.  I can not believe CCP [Chinese communist party will usher in Sat Yuga in spite of strides with Brazil, Panama canal, Africa, Russia, etc.

‘drain the swamp’ results in  indictment

skeletons in most political closets Rep and Dem alike

fund in congress to pay hush money

why zombies and demonic spirits are so popular on tv and in movies:  sci fi window into the human psyche.

Grand jury month-long previously planned hiatus Trump case.  Then suddenly indicted him,

Newsmax versus DIRECTV suddenly framed their claim completely differently after they got back on Directv.  Were they lying then or are they lying now ….disappointing

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