waterHow delicate life is.  Even holding on to the idea of letting go inflames.  Yet does this imply we are to be without any conviction?

Water is formless, fluid, completely flexible.  Water holds to no shape yet conforms to any vessel it inhabits.  Yet water created the great canyons and channels upon our Earth.

I know that I am not easily understood.  Sometimes I am seen to change my mind and my direction freely.  Sometimes I am experienced as forceful, even overpowering.

To be infinitely flexible, yet infinitely rigid is a paradox.  Yet like a tree, with rigid trunk and flexible branches, you best progress through life.

Being around those who walk in harmony with nature is not easy.  Where you hold will be put into question.  Your resistances to the true nature of life will be uprooted. For fear of drowning, you will perhaps even need to create some distance.

This is why from the perspective of your resistance, spiritual evolution can seem threatening, but from the perspective of your true nature it is liberating.

What a beautiful universe that your true nature is abundant, joyful, and wise.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.