bankSo many do not move forward with their lives because they are afraid of what may lie around the corner.  This is why so many attain much less than is their potential.  The following quote elegantly says it another way.

“Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.” ~ Paul Saffo

Attaining great things in your life begins with a deep inner feeling… an abstract sense, not a well defined road map.

Set your course beyond the horizon of what is clearly visible, and then go there. Fear of the unknown is the next great hurdle of human evolution.  No great artist ever knew exactly what a painting would look like before they finished it.

Why spend your life scrounging for crumbs?  Your domain is the universe. Enlightenment is not a notion to be put in a shoebox in your closet to be taken out and marveled over only upon occasion.  It is what lies just beyond the horizon. Aspire to that. It is your birthright.

Can you see how the following two quotes relate?

“Generosity with strings is not generosity.  It is a deal.”  – Marya Mannes

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”  – Winston Churchill

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