bushFalse dignity is pride

True dignity is humble integrity

True Integrity is alignment with the True Self

True Humility is rooted in abstraction… which lies beyond rules, codes, laws…

yet proper use of rules, codes, and laws can help light the way to True Integrity and True Humility.

Improper use of rules, codes, and laws clouds, inhibits, or even attacks The Way.

False integrity is alignment with dogma.

When the Master speaks, it immediately ceases to be what the Master said and, in time, becomes what dogma dictates.


Jesus was judged harshly by the ‘spiritual elders’ of His time.

Today is no different than then.

Reflect, learn and become great.

Truth lies within you as You.

Do not rely upon smallness.  Who you are is great, grand, beyond smallness, beyond dogma, beyond simplistic… yet it is very simple.


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