To the following question:

Would you explain why there is so much hate and anger today.  I see so much fighting and killing going on. It seems everyone has a gun or thinks they should have one.  I guess humans have fought each other for centuries but what is it that makes them hate another person so much because of a different belief system?  Is this because of our identities?  Is it because of group consciousness?  Or is this all just part of a grander plan just playing out?  

My response:

If the fundamental nature and structure of life and existence is understood, answers to this and so many other question that have plagued humanity for ages are clear and simple.  Without that understanding, people wallow in a quagmire of oblivious speculation.

Once you have that basic understanding, you must then learn how to connect the dots. Here are the dots:

  1. The universe manifested as pure consciousness (the unified field… pure is-ness), became conscious of itself and the illusion of duality was born.  Then, becoming conscious of the duality, a third thing was born… then conscious of the three, a fourth was born, and on and on into multiplicity.
  2. This occurred in a mathematically precise way: 1, 2, 3, etc.  Through the self-interaction of that structure, processes emerged… like addition, multiplication, and of course, profoundly more complex interactions.
  3. This created the underlying matrix, the basis, of all existence… the quantum mechanical realm… the mechanics (processes) of the interaction of the quantization (1, 2, 3…) of Oneness (pure consciousness).
  4. Simple systems (biological organisms) emerged within this quantum mechanical soup and sustained and reproduced themselves along the lines of Darwin, but with an important aspect that Darwin missed.  Namely, the organized structure of those species continued to be infused, and therefore ‘pulled or pushed’, by the underlying, mathematically precise, order of that quantum mechanical soup underlying and permeating them.  
  5. In other words, species evolved in a direction… gravitating back to the harmony, intelligence, integration, etc., inherent in that from which they emerged ­– i.e. the unified field.
  6. Everything has a personified aspect.  That is what gives it meaning.  For example, you are a bunch of electron, protons, neutrons, etc.  But you are the personified value of that.  Your persona is what people relate to as “you.”  The persona of the unified field is called “God.”
  7. As species evolve, they have not developed fully enough to live in full harmony with their essential, underlying, true nature… Mother Nature… God.  They are embodying only a fragment of their essence… far short of their full potential… of what they would be when fully evolved. Their thoughts, emotions, actions, etc., are limited by their level of evolution, which is not fully harmonious with the existence that birthed them.

Now you should have enough to answer your question… just connect the dots.

And when you are connecting the dots, it is of utmost importance to know that we offer a technology to accelerate the evolution of each person individually. Proper meditation, cultivation of the art of discernment, as well as a technology to, at the same time, radiate that evolutionary influence to the world at large… a unified field generator, i.e. a harmony generator, i.e. Mount Soma.


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