With voice recognition we have come to see how much can be communicated with imperfect typing. In response to a request for written blogs as I have done in the past, I thought to post voice recognition bullet point notes to the podcast.  Please feel free to comment! [anonymous or not is fine]

Conflicting narratives.  Jaimini Sutras… “On the other hand”.  The “You figure it out” approach. Wisdom of the Seers: How to properly toss a thought salad:

When the legal system ceases to be about justice but rather becomes about winning then we know as is the case now that the great time of transition is at hand…injustice will end.  These days, “ Court cases are won or lost in the jury selection”

If the supreme court is so often divided what does that say about the lower courts and the one judge you happen to get.

At some point a person must decide who and what it is they choose to be as a person as a human being and if and when that moment comes their life will be transformed and if not it could likely be a life squandered

And if and when that time comes the rest of their life will indeed be a struggle to live up to their aspirations.   a failure is only a failure for those who do not stand up and strive again

Force Feeding Narratives

it is not about what you can justify with the intellect.  it is not even about what you might feel. People become convinced and feel all sorts of crazy things.  Wisdom comes from deeper within.

People may feel that Veda is just another ancient religion like natives in Africa or Tahiti or whatever.  But with deep study it is seen as the nature of nature itself.  Heart, soul, and science as one.

everything cycles.   we are coming back to nature… natural law.

The world is in a state of monumental confusion.   such confusion cannot last long nature will recoil back into  balance

when all the pieces of the puzzle come together… things will then make sense… common sense.

Do you know wisdom when you hear it?  Many people love wise quotes, but few live it.

Lincoln you can fool for some of the people all the time all the people some of the time but can’t fool all the people all the time.

Test of time: Fads vs traditions and the smell test

Most people are just not interested enough to pay sufficient attention but prefer rather to blindly go with the flow whatever current they’ve been caught up in.

Is that what it means for a person to sell their soul?

Particularly in this age of internet and cable,  ideas fling out and around like popcorn popping.

This age of popcorn narratives necessitates people learning to think deeply.

What does it mean to really think something through and how rare a thing that is.

“It’s just too ridiculous’ is a perspective not held often enough.

Innocence means untainted response

Naivety means oblivion

Grassroots wisdom is real but too often silent.

Impulsive conclusions: for example, guilty for proven innocent

Voice recognition inspires a new mode of efficient communication

Working title: thought salad properly tossed

Not force-feeding thoughts but rather looking beyond indoctrination to the truth the dwells within.

Natural law is in one sense not a law but simply the nature of life untainted pure unbiased

EMP and the power grid

Electromagnetic pulse attack

EXO atmospheric detonation

Trump administration tried to protect the grid

Cars would not start airplanes fall out of the sky they would be few hardened sites

Could lose 90% of the population at least 10 years to recover

Dr. Peter pry

Department of homeland security

States can protect their own grids if they choose to

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