this weeks unedited notes:

Get informed first, then make a decision

Dostoyevsky said in Russia today there is crime without punishment and punishment without crime

history is a lie agreed upon…. attributed to napolan

A rising tide lifts all boats

200,000 cows lives ended for climate change

the truth about cows and reincarnation


G. Edward Griffin

“Socialism iis a transitional state” leading to communism

Klaus Schwab

World Economic Forum


Covid 19:  the great reset…. one world gov.

Globalists shining model: China CCP

“soul, spirit, free will is BS” Yuval Noah Harari

central bank controlled digital currency.

“those who control data, control the future of humanity”

free DNA test kits

fear and disconnect leads to susceptibility

expect less vs remove inefficiencies so we can expect more.  

bucky fuller:  utopia or oblivion

Constitutional republic:  majority rules while honor rights of minority as delineated in the constitution 

anarchy vs totalitarianism… individualism vs group

ESG score

individual vs collective

Karl Marx:  Abolition of private property… e.g. real estate

name calling

china torture

race war,  class war

parent, child, family relationship is primal

Karl marx… abolition of family… biggest obstacle to global take over

totalitarianism makes state overpower all else including family

BLM leaders openly identify with Marxism

covid, global warming, nuclear ww3.. all used as devisees to instill fear

fear instills irrationality… emotionally driven behavior

fear instills submission to authoritarianism.

Carl Jung… the state takes the place of God… the socialist dictatorships are religions and State slavery is a form of worship

America born of individual rights and freedoms…  historically what is familiar is individual independence.

courage to cross ocean and venture west…independant

collectivism..  group more important than individuals


natural law vs globalism

read about Clintons ‘mentor’ Saul Alinsky

get out from under control mechanisms

global reserve currency—global instability risk

all life is a risk, but the greatest risk of all is the unwillingness to take a risk.

life is the result of a string of decision.  indecision is a powerful decision

boiling pot of frogs

doing nothing is the fatal doing

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