Reaching for the Ungraspable 

Brahmanas Somersaulting Mountaintop to Mountaintop

Where all Paradox finds it Resolution

e.g. How Krishna makes “Universes”

One Thought of Brahma

Opening Thoughts: 

“The Secret Doctrines”: This Moment in Time

Close mindedness vs. Discernment

The dissolution of empires


my unedited personal notes:

Of war and peace, the truth just twists

Its curfew gull just glides

Upon four-legged forest clouds

The cowboy angel rides

With his candle lit into the sun

Though its glow is waxed in black

All except when ’neath the trees of Eden 

B Dylan

One slice through a piece of picture jasper

Cosmic Enigmas of James Webb:  They have no idea.

Vedic Technology:  do yagyas work?  time delay, clearing ‘gunk’

“Democracy comes about when there is nobody around who is fit to lead”

democracy: grassroots wisdom or ‘mob rule”.  Sherman called democracy ‘mob rule’.  But beats tyranny.

spiritual free-for-alls

Today’s upheavals in a nutshell:  the lost looking for righteous cause in a depraved society

the culturally stupid

why the Veda might be called “The Secret Doctrine”

racism is cultural integrity gone insane

the ‘I get it syndrome’ vs the physiology of awareness

how to allow the depth to refine the surface.  deeper than emotional and mental levels

Essential Key: understanding the bigger picture… deeper knowledge than what is mainstream

longing for meaning…lost their way… society without direction

physiology of humans:  one thought at a time.  transcendental physiology: knowing more than one thing, all things. simultaneously

“Be generous, be delicate, and always pursue the prize.”

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