roadIt seems a contradiction.  Is God beyond you or within you?  How do you find God? Though the answer comes rather easily in intellectual form, to live it, not as a philosophy but as a living physiological reality, is quite another.

The temple is an excellent place to worship the outer expression of Divinity, as it is readily accessible and lively there.  There, too, is the invitation to find God within. However, much of that is dependent upon your relationship with the temple and with God.  Do you hold God outside of yourself?  If so, how does that ‘look’ and how does it feel?  Are preconceived perspectives of God coloring your relationship with God.  Does what you have come to believe from earlier life experiences interfere with a deepening understanding of God?

Reverence does not mandate subservience.

Through meditation, you awaken to deeper levels of your own being.  Thereby your relationship with God deepens.

Ultimately, you find God within yourself while at the same time, you are enraptured by the most sublime reverence for God as just slightly afar… just enough so that God may be worshipped with limitless humility at an infinitesimal but exquisite distance.

Love is the Divine longing to merge.  Such separation is sweet, profound, …exquisite.

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