Wherever you look (life’s daily situations, business, politics, proper diet, proper exercise, personal relationships… it doesn’t matter where) life is permeated with wrong information.  Even in what seems to be the simplest matters, contradictory perspectives collide.  If your relationship with that is not healthy, life can be most frustrating.

What is the source of that frustration? Looking to the surface for the depth.  Looking for the absolute in the relative.  Looking for perfection in the world of imperfection…. for ‘relative’ essentially by definition means ‘imperfection’.  You may need to reflect upon that a bit to under-stand it.  Relative means perspective, means no bottom line.

What is the solution?  Understanding the nature of life.  Delighting in that. Marveling in that.  Acting in harmony with that.  The absolute is the trunk of the tree of life. See the connection of the movement of the branches to the solidity of the trunk, but do not look for the solidity in the branches… only look to see the connection, the pathway, from all the branches to the trunk.

Opinions fly in every direction.  The more opinions you hear, the more different directions you are pointed. Look for the connection.  Connect the dots.  When all the wrong information is assimilated within your being, the truth is felt… but never put in a box.  Truth, the Absolute, by its very nature lies beyond grasp.  By living in peace with, in harmony with, that simple understanding, your proper course of action will lie before you.

We all long for That.

What to do?  Where to go?  How to live?  What to think?  There is a simple approach expressed in the Veda… Neti, neti, neti… not that, not that, not that.  By holding things lightly, you rest into Truth, which lies beyond relativity… beyond information.

To be well informed is to have a healthy relationship with information, is to see beyond the surface… neti, neti, neti.

Arguing a perspective is a futile exercise, lest you see beyond your point, even while you are making it.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.