penA number of business people have consulted with me over the years.  After speaking with a few of them, I decided to jot down some notes of the main points that come up often.  I sent them to two of those people who deal with multi-million dollar deals on a regular basis. Their feedback was extremely positive:  ‘I couldn’t agree more.’ – ‘Great stuff!’‘I have employed those principles in every major business negotiation I have ever been involved in.’

I have not seen these principles offered in MBA programs, which tend to stick with the cold hard numbers aspect (see The Theory of Induced Blindness blog). The numbers are the easy part.  They are not the art of business.  I am sharing these notes with you in the same raw form I shared them with those two people.

Working Notes for MBA 101: The Essential Knowledge Not Taught in MBA Programs

  • steady hand on the rudder
  • its all about people
  • read my last blog… theory of induced blindness
  • trust issues… honey, not vinegar
  • win/win is the only way to go
  • same side of fence and we all win… be a player not a pain
  • there is a rhythm to everything… don’t push it
  • don’t shoot yourself in the foot
  • business is an art… the art of people… the math must be known, but the key is the art
  • get on board (or be left behind)
  • fact:  this all applies from a Kool-Aide stand to multi-billionaire deals
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