Advanced Techniques Phase 2

Phase 1 was so inspiring! Since immediately after the course, my mind has been on Phase 2. It is incredibly exciting. There is certainly a finesse involved in teaching these subtle, yet powerful, techniques. It required several years to find the ‘in,’ i.e., how to convey the techniques to others. Some of you may remember early attempts at the beginning such as ‘the cave,’ meditation powder, hand placements, and even the first teaching of Phase 1 to the Ashram people.

It was incredibly gratifying to see how easily, how seamlessly, everyone in Phase 1 took to the techniques. Now that the proper ‘in’ has been found (“Well begun is half done!”), I can hardly wait until Phase 2 begins! As enthusiastic as the response was to Phase 1, Phase 2 and then Phase 3 get increasingly incredible.

Though references to these techniques can be found here and there, to my knowledge, the actual method of practice is simply not available, lest it be perhaps in the Himalayas at some obscure ashram closed to but a few devoted members. I honestly believe this is the first time in recorded history that they are offered to the world. It is humbling to have found them. Discovering them is, by far, the greatest thing I, as a teacher, have ever done.

We will be offering Phase 1 again this winter at Mount Soma, so there is still an opportunity to join the group and do Phase 2 with everyone next summer. It is not certain when and how the techniques will be offered again. This first Phase 1-3 series will be the one that has my utmost attention.

These techniques not only make meditation extremely powerful and profound, but also fun and fascinating. I hope those of you who did not have the opportunity to take Phase 1 already, will be able to join us this winter and continue on with the group through the adventures of Phase 2 and 3. The Kingdom of Heaven does indeed dwell within. Take the journey!

Mount Soma View

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Advanced Techniques 5

I just want to make sure that everybody understands that the Advanced Techniques Course is much more than an 8-day program. It lasts a full year. The techniques we will be learning are as subtle as they are profound. The general idea is that we will continue to work with them over the year with Internet discussions along some format. At this point in time, we’re not certain what the format will be. It could be via Skype or something else. It will be set up in a way that people who cannot attend the conference (hopefully live online) will be able to access the recording.

The Advanced Techniques Course this summer will be the foundation for the Advanced Techniques that follow over the next couple of years. Where it leads is breathtaking. Please do everything you can to not miss this opportunity! Because the techniques are so subtle, it is important to be introduced to them in person, which is why we constructed the 8-day summer course the way we did.

If at all possible, those of you on the west coast would do well to attend at least the first day (Friday, March 31) of the upcoming class at Walnut Creek. Some of the techniques that will be taught there may assist you in your learning of the Advanced Techniques this summer. Attending that Friday session is not a prerequisite, but is advisable.

Thus far, I have only given the initial techniques to the people in the Mount Soma Ashram Program. Everyone finds it extremely exciting. The experience of teaching the ashram the techniques has assisted me in refining the methodology through which they are best taught. I intend next to teach members of the Mount Soma staff, followed by the course this summer. We’re all very much looking forward to it!

P.S. Please note that for some time now, I have been writing blogs as well as articles. The articles are for the public at large. So, you can read them if you like, but it is more important that you read the blogs because they are more directed toward students and a deeper knowledge.

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Maharshi Quotes

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Quotes from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

An example:

“The whole purpose of life is to gain enlightenment.
Nothing else is significant compared to that completely natural, exalted state of consciousness.
So always strive for that.
Set your life around that goal.
Don’t get caught up in small things, and then it will be yours.”

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5 ‘Exercises’ To Skip During Your Spiritual Workout

5 Spiritual 'Exercises' to Skip - Michael MamasHuffington Post just published one of my new articles. It begins:

“There are people who spend decades lifting weights in an effort to build a good physique. But there’s a subtlety to it which is why so many fail. In the case of weightlifting, we have the physical body to prove whether or not it’s working. In the case of spiritual growth, it’s not so easy to prove because spiritual development is an internal and subtle phenomenon. Let’s take a look at the different approaches used by people for their spiritual growth to understand what works and what doesn’t”…

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“5 ‘Exercises’ To Skip During Your Spiritual Workout”

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Want to Live an Inspired Life? Access Inspiration at Its Source

I just published a new article on It begins:

“Inspiration comes from the depth of your being. Something is inspiring when it touches and awakens that depth. The process of the mind touching into the depth is called “transcending.” The mind has a natural tendency to transcend, to go to the depth of one’s being, which means to go to the source of intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, insight, and fullness of one’s heart”…

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“Want to Live an Inspired Life? Access Inspiration at Its Source”
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Inspiration - Michael Mamas

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Benefits of a Natural Meditation

Benefits of a Natural Meditation, by Michael just published another one of my new articles. It begins:

“The association that gets tied to a word can take on more significance than the actual meaning of the word. The word “meditation” is a prime example. Many people hear the word “meditation” and think of a person with dreadlocks sitting in some sort of trance. Fortunately, society is coming to realize that this connotation is far from the truth…”

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“Benefits of a Natural Meditation”
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Why Everyone Believes in God

Isn’t it a wonder! Without any scientific proof of the existence of God, huge temples, cathedrals, and churches have been built throughout the ages in His honor. Such mammoth efforts require tremendous commitment and devotion. Such resolute dedication is attributable to something far beyond blind faith…

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Why Everyone Believes in God, by Michael Mamas

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Echoes, by Michael MamasDeep within every individual is Divinity. As awareness expands one becomes more and more fully conscious… more and more aware of the Pure Consciousness that underlies and structures existence. When awareness is limited, it does not clearly experience that structure, that intelligence. Unclear echoes of that structure are reached for in attempts to understand life, to understand this world. Those echoes form impressions on the mind. Those impressions are identified with as truth.

The spiritual path is the path to freedom from those impressions. It is called the path of discernment. Surya Ram Meditation provides the most powerful, most fundamental form of discernment.

Transgradient Counseling cultivates discernment. Discernment means integration of the surface with the depth, alignment of the surface with the depth… freedom from echoes.


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