Everything maps onto everything else. This is a fundamental principle of nature. You are the unified field. The shoes you wear are also the unified field. That is just physics. If you are the unified field and your shoes are the unified field, it follows you are your shoes. Anything and everything you can think of is the unified field. So, it follows that a pencil is a bottle of water, is a shoe, is a grain of sand, is a galaxy, is a nation. This is just physics. It is called mapping.

The principle of mapping permeates everything. In reflexology, the foot maps onto the rest of the body: the big toe is the head, the heel is the pelvis, etc. Some say the cleanliness and neatness of your home maps onto the state of your mind. In a graph, a value of x maps onto a value of y. Mappings are everywhere and become profoundly complex.

The human psyche innately knows such principles exist, even though modern scientific thought has only comprehended the most superficial and simplistic mappings. Superstitions emerge when people reach for such mappings but do not have the clarity of mind and soul necessary to fathom such mappings. Imagine a life when these mappings are spontaneously understood and honored.

It is widely accepted, even among scientists, that there is a unified field underlying all of nature. This unified field births the quantum mechanical realm, referred to in ancient India as “the Veda.” It provides a structure that bubbles up through all levels of existence, permeating, upholding and ruling even the most superficial – the physical level of existence. Likewise, principles contained within the structure of the Veda emerge on the surface of life. Incredibly, even the structure of fundamental operators (gods) within the Veda, emerge on the surface of life. In other words, their forms are not arbitrary. They are woven into the very fabric underlying all of existence and show themselves on all levels of existence, even on the very surface.

Utilizing the principle of mapping and reflexology, any part of the body can be healed by treating its corresponding location on the foot. Relating this to the topic of Vedic ceremony, the physical murthis (images of the gods) correlate with, map onto, the operators (gods) contained within the unified field. The materials (flowers, camphor, etc.) used in the ceremonies map onto different principles or values contained within the Veda. Nothing is arbitrary. It is all quite scientific. It is a technology based upon mapping, every bit as precise and well-defined as the technologies of modern science.

I invite you to take the time to apply your powers of discernment to the subtle matter of mapping and Vedic ceremony, with at least the same level of humility with which you would study math or science. When fully understood with all superstition cast aside, spirituality and science seamlessly merge.

Fundamental Principle # 1: Discernment

Fundamental Principle # 2: The Unified Field

Fundamental Principle # 3: Structure

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Fundamental Principle # 6: The Reality Continuum

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