The Veda, the source of all existence, is born out of one, and only one, thing. It lies beyond relativity, beyond the realm of things, and it therefore is sometimes referred to as “no-thingness.” Some call it “pure Is-ness” or “pure Consciousness.” Others call it “the Unified Field” of physics. Others call it “God.” All things, including the Veda, are born out of the self-interacting dynamic of that Oneness… Pure Consciousness interacting with and becoming aware of itself, over and over again. It has been compared to the emptiness in the center of the seed (no-thingness) that births the seed (the Veda), that births the entire tree (existence). All Knowledge of the tree of existence is contained within that Oneness, that Is-ness, that Unified Field.

The self-interacting dynamic of pure Consciousness, the Veda, acts as a recording, eternally pulsating at the depth of existence. In ancient times, Rishis, or Seers, refined their physiology to the extent that they became a “record player.” Those Rishis were capable of allowing those pulsations to well up through their physiology all the way to the physical level. The process began from deep within the Rishi and went out through their vocal cords into the air as sound. Then that sound entered from outside the listener and went into the depth of their being.

Schools were created to train pandits, people to memorize what was being chanted by those Rishis. The pandits then functioned like tape recorders, saving the cognitions of the Rishis for people to hear throughout the ages. When pandits chant the Veda, the vibrations reawaken deeper levels within the listener. Therefore, when pujas and havans are performed with strict adherence to Vedic tradition, they become a powerful tool to facilitate the health and evolution of the listener.

Imagine the entire universe is a sandbox and the Unified Field (God) is continually sending a vibration through it. As a result, the evolution of species is propelled forward in a direction that, over time, more and more fully embodies the intelligence, order, harmony, and coherence inherent in the Unified Field itself. And where does that process culminate? It culminates with a species that fully embodies all of the intelligence inherent in the Unified Field. That species is humankind.

Ultimately, a new state of humanity will be achieved, bringing about changes exceeding those we’ve seen over the past several hundred years. It is essential to understand that this change is a new mode of human function. As we awaken to an intelligence within us that dwells beyond the grasp of any belief system, it will free us from the constraints of belief systems. It is the next major step in human evolution.

The fundamental pulse of our universe, from unity to multiplicity and back, is embodied by the human spirit. Our species can bring completion to that cycle. We dwell on the crest of the wave—the unification of all diversity within the awareness of an individual. Your greatest treasure is the potential to unify your awareness… Only then can you live in harmony with Natural Law.

Fundamental Principle # 1: Discernment

Fundamental Principle # 2: The Unified Field

Fundamental Principle # 4: Mapping

Fundamental Principle # 5: Personification Of

Fundamental Principle # 6: The Reality Continuum

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