morningThe US fathers of our country built a nation based upon rights they say are given from God. Secularists object, insisting laws are man made. The debate rages on. The conflict is the result of both sides having a fundamental lack of understanding of the nature of life and existence.

Everything is born of the unified field… the source of pure intelligence, harmony, coherence, knowledge, etc. That is simply physics. That one thing is the source of everything. In your essential nature, you are the unified field. Another name for the one thing that is the source of everything is ‘God”. You are one with God, one with everything.

As I said in a recent blog, thoughts are based in reason is based in common sense is based in wisdom is based in finest feeling, is based in the unified field.  As your awareness becomes increasingly clear, your thoughts are ever increasingly in harmony with the unified field, i.e. with God.  That is what it means to live in harmony with your own true nature.  That is also what it means to ‘hear the voice of God’.  God speaks to everyone in the form of their own inner voice.  The question is, how well can you listen?  How free are you from distortions, limitations, programming, conditioning, stress, samskaras, etc. … all words for the same one thing.  So inalienable rights are accessed through us, through individuals.  As we increasingly free ourselves of samskaras, the ‘message’ is understood more and more clearly.  So the secularists and the fathers of our country actually agree. However, they lack this fundamental understanding.

Yet we must not be simplistic about it.  The laws of nature emerge differently in different lands, different cultures, as I explained in a previous blog.  So looking for one set of laws that apply to every nation is not correct, particularly when we consider subtle nuances of the law.  For example, I understand that in England, parcels of land are considered an indivisible unit.  In cases of inheritance then, an estate cannot be cut up with a portion given to each heir.  This may not be the case in other countries.

However, in the extreme, certain rights are inalienable.  Which rights are inalienable?  You must look within, with clear vision, to get the answer, i.e. to hear ‘the voice of God’.  Truth is found not on the surface of your being, but in the depth.

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