We just filmed a YouTube video series that you can access with the link below.  It is created with the modern, 30-second, sound bite mentality in mind.

Of course, there are risks involved with it (as with everything).  My primary concern is that the videos are so short that they might be misunderstood and projected upon. The ‘I Get It Syndrome’ may compromise the videos.

However, I hope that they serve as inspiration for people to look deeper and listen more carefully… perhaps visit MountSoma.org, learn the Surya Ram Meditation, read some of the books we offer, visit Mount Soma, and perhaps attend classes and/or retreats.

Comments, giving a “Thumbs Up”, and Facebook/Twitter/Google+ sharing after viewing the videos would be appreciated, as that helps with our online presence. If you haven’t already, you may wish to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that you’re notified of new videos (requires a Gmail account).

Be sure to view the video descriptions, as they have links to articles, blogs and other videos on that topic.

A new set of videos is in the works so start sharing!

Click HERE to Start Watching Now!

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