Advanced Techniques 5

I just want to make sure that everybody understands that the Advanced Techniques Course is much more than an 8-day program. It lasts a full year. The techniques we will be learning are as subtle as they are profound. The general idea is that we will continue to work with them over the year with Internet discussions along some format. At this point in time, we’re not certain what the format will be. It could be via Skype or something else. It will be set up in a way that people who cannot attend the conference (hopefully live online) will be able to access the recording.

The Advanced Techniques Course this summer will be the foundation for the Advanced Techniques that follow over the next couple of years. Where it leads is breathtaking. Please do everything you can to not miss this opportunity! Because the techniques are so subtle, it is important to be introduced to them in person, which is why we constructed the 8-day summer course the way we did.

If at all possible, those of you on the west coast would do well to attend at least the first day (Friday, March 31) of the upcoming class at Walnut Creek. Some of the techniques that will be taught there may assist you in your learning of the Advanced Techniques this summer. Attending that Friday session is not a prerequisite, but is advisable.

Thus far, I have only given the initial techniques to the people in the Mount Soma Ashram Program. Everyone finds it extremely exciting. The experience of teaching the ashram the techniques has assisted me in refining the methodology through which they are best taught. I intend next to teach members of the Mount Soma staff, followed by the course this summer. We’re all very much looking forward to it!

P.S. Please note that for some time now, I have been writing blogs as well as articles. The articles are for the public at large. So, you can read them if you like, but it is more important that you read the blogs because they are more directed toward students and a deeper knowledge.

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Energy Healing Dynamics

The upcoming Surya Ram Class in California will discuss and demonstrate energy healing, Qigong, the integration of the body, and how all of this relates to the Advanced Techniques I’ll be teaching this summer. This class will be a precursor to the Advanced Techniques Course, and it should be fun and fascinating for everyone!

Here’s a video that addresses the dynamics of energy healing, touch, and evolution:

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Qigong Part 1 (3 Part Series)

This first simple exercise was taught to me as a Kung Fu exercise. In the West, Kung Fu is often thought of as a fighting art, but it is much more. Honestly, when I first saw the exercise, it seemed far too simple to be of much value. But according to Chinese Practitioners, it is a cure all, opening every meridian and circulating Qi throughout the body. They even claim it is a cure for serious diseases like cancer and diabetes, which I don’t know about.

I have to admit that when I first did the exercise, I was amazed. I could actually feel the energy moving up my arms, through my heart, and permeating my entire body. How could something so simple be so significant? I was told to do it for about 5 minutes, 3 times daily. If I have time, 10 minutes is even better than 5.

You can watch this short video to get a feel for the exercise. Note that as the arms swing up, the palms face up and when the arms swing down, the palms face down. There are some additional points below, but most are intuitively obvious.

  1. Feet shoulder length apart.
  2. Flexible knees, slightly bent, bouncing a little at each swing (just as is comfortable).
  3. Relaxed upper body, feet firmly planted.
  4. Tongue gently touching the roof of mouth.
  5. If you would like, your mind can focus on any God of preference.
  6. Arm swings frontward only to shoulder height.
  7. Whole exercise should be in a relaxed state.
  8. In general, 30 minutes each day—can break it apart to 2-3 sessions. Even occasional sessions of a couple of minutes are beneficial.
  9. It has been suggested by the Chinese that if a person has cancer, they do a minimum of 2,000 times daily (but we have no way of knowing the validity of this and you should have doctor’s approval).

Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.

This is the simplest exercise of the 3 part series. I do all 3 parts essentially every day. They have transformed my perspective on exercise as well as that of others here at Mount Soma, even people who I feel are in excellent, athletic, physical condition.

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Our Need To Feel Needed… And When It Must Change

Need to Feel Needed - Michael MamasThe Huffington Post just published one of my latest articles. It begins:

While recently giving a lecture in the San Francisco area, I was asked: “Would you please talk about the need to feel needed? It seems to be a very important, fundamental instinct.”

I responded by first saying it was one of the most beautiful questions I’ve been asked in a long time. I began by telling the story of two beautiful, white, draft horses owned by a friend. The horses were inseparable. Their worlds revolved around one another. They loved each other. When one of them passed away, the other, although perfectly healthy, also died within two weeks. We hear stories of long-term married couples having a similar scenario. So, let’s take a deeper look at what is actually going on here…

Read more:
“Our Need To Feel Needed… And When It Must Change”

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The Last of the Mohicans

winter tree“Do not try to understand them. And do not try to make them understand you.” This beautiful quote from the movie is so far reaching. It feels best to put no limits upon it.

It applies to so much of life… to every single relationship… to dealings between cultures and to those whom we love so deeply… our children, our partners, our friends. To grasp anything, to name it, to define it, to decide you understand it… is to limit it. So much of life’s beauty lies in its unfathomability. To understand better is not to hold on, but is to let go.



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