On Decision Making

On Decision-Making - Michael MamasRemember… you can justify anything with the intellect, and people do. Ultimately, our intellect rallies around our feelings to justify them. Feel deeply within, which is different from feeling intensely. Wisdom is the integration of the fine (deep) feeling level with our thoughts, and ultimately, our actions. Wise decisions are based upon deep feelings, not intense emotions. Intense emotions are often (perhaps usually) not all that deep, not that wise. It is not wise to make decisions based upon whatever emotions overwhelm you.

In life, look at all the alternatives, consider all the facts, think, reflect and ponder, then go with the one you feel, from deep within, the best about… or in some cases, dislike the least. Consider the facts… pros and cons… but in the final analysis, what matters is how you feel about those facts from deep within, not how hot or cold your emotions are running. Wisdom is the integration of the depth of your being with your thoughts and actions. Thoughts and actions are best based upon the depth, not the surface. What lies at your depth are fine feelings, not intense emotions.

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Great Things

Great things emerge out of ideas that were originally abstract. Think Newton, Watson and Crick, Maxwell, and Einstein, to name just a few. And now, think of the technology of the Transcendent. And furthermore, those ideas formed predominantly by individuals in their twenties and perhaps thirties.

Great Things - Michael Mamas

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Smart Blog - Michael MamasSomeone once said to the Guru, “Intelligent people might be smart, but they have no deep feelings.” To which the Guru replied, “That is not possible. The intellect is founded in deep feelings. Without a refined feeling level at the depth of one’s being, the intellect cannot be clear.”

Different people show their feelings in different ways, express themselves in different ways, but that is not for others to judge.



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To Understand

To Understand - Michael MamasYou can take my teachings and come to understand them intellectually, and then file them away in a shoebox and decide you get it. Or, you can work with them to the point you find the truth of them deep within your own being. Only then can you truly live them. Only then do you truly understand them.





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On Becoming Invisible

On Becoming Invisible - Michael MamasOur inner resistances and inner conflicts are what are visible to others.
Having no inner resistance means to be invisible.
But invisible is not nothing.
Quite the opposite…

Invisible is everything
Invisible is unbounded
Invisible is eternal
Invisible holds within itself all that is… all knowledge… all wisdom.

Invisible is the eternal witness…


Invisible is freedom.
Invisible is the unfettered heart.
Invisible cannot be fathomed.
Invisible is spontaneously admired, loved, worshiped.

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