Community: The Fabric of a Nation

The members of a healthy community share a similar identity. In times past, it would have been a similar ethnic background or religion. Today, by virtue of far-reaching communication through television, Internet, etc., many of those boundaries have melted away, leaving people with no sense of identity…

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It happened again on my way to the temple this morning: I saw a deer, a buck with antlers this time. Many times when stepping out of my home, I see one or more deer. Upon seeing them, I put my palms together and stand respectfully in their presence. The deer stop scurrying, turn, and look at me peacefully, yet with interest. They stay calmly with me until I begin to walk away. They are also most intrigued when I chant a Mantra softly. They listen attentively until I finish.

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Solar Eclipse

Eclipses in General

The sun and moon’s rays have an effect on the earth. Of course, when we refer to “rays” here, we mean it not just on the more superficial levels, but also on the astrological and Transcendental level. Normal sun and moon shine create a normal environment for the earth. Physical earth is made up of the five elements and those five elements have a certain balance under normal conditions. The same is true with our physiology.

The eclipse affects the sun and moon rays, creating an abnormal environment for the earth. This also upsets the balance of the five elements, upsetting our environment on earth and also our physiology, including our mind and emotions. Scientists have done research and found that during an eclipse, there is an increase in bacteria and viruses.

Because there is imbalance physically, it is suggested that people not eat or drink because the body does not process food and water correctly. It is a little bit like avoiding certain foods when a person is sick. Some do not eat from sunrise to sunset that day and others just avoid eating near the time of the actual eclipse. Because there is an imbalance mentally and emotionally, it is suggested that people go inward and meditate or chant mantras.

It is advised not to look at eclipses. Even if you do not look at the eclipse, the effects of an eclipse last 3-6 months. It states in the Vedas that as a result of an eclipse, there can be changes in nature and natural disasters can occur.

For people, with the lunar eclipse, the effect is on the mind/emotions, whereas with the solar eclipse, the effect is more on the whole body and health.

During the whole solar eclipse (in Asheville, this would be from 1:00-4:05pm), it is best to stay inside and not look outside or even allow light in. During the eclipse, it is best to meditate or chant, and it is a good time to go inward. Finish solid food 3 hours prior to the start of the eclipse and wait to eat 2 hours after the eclipse ends. Shower right after the eclipse and then you can start cooking. Don’t save cooked food to eat after the eclipse, including in the refrigerator. No showering, drinking, or eating during the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse on August 21

Monday, August 21, 2017 – Solar Eclipse info for Asheville:

1:08 pm Partial Eclipse begins
2:37 pm Maximum Eclipse
4:01 pm Partial Eclipse ends

If you are visiting or staying at Mount Soma, once Sri Somesvara Temple has been purified (probably after 6:00 pm), then offer a red flower to the Sun (outside at the Navagrahas), and do Pradakshina 9 times while chanting “Shri Ram Ravaye Namaha.”

This particular eclipse especially affects those people whose Moon is in the sign of Cancer, Leo, or Virgo in their Jyotish (Vedic astrology) chart. Those people whose Moon is in Scorpio or Pisces also need to make sure to follow the guidelines suggested above.

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Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl was so much fun! Like football or not, last night at Mount Soma the Super Bowl party (pic below) was great fun for everyone. We even had our own Mt. Soma representatives at the game! See pic from their seats below. Our Mt. Soma annual tradition of silly emails back and forth, starting with the playoffs every year, make the game even that much more enjoyable. Lots of laughs! Big smiles! Everyone enjoys!<

Super Bowl Party!

At the Super Bowl

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Early Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful early Thanksgiving today, Tuesday, Nov. 22 at Mount Soma because Thursday will be busy with guests. It was a potluck with tofu and lentil loaf turkey, and all the trimmings. After the feast, a bunch of us took a walk out past the Wishing Tree through the mountain trails. It was lovely. We found a quiet spot with a very fine feeling and stood there together for quite a while… chatting a bit, listening to the stillness of the woods, looking at the views and fidgeting with twigs, fall leaves, and other little treasures of nature. It was an exquisite day as we all enjoyed the food, the walk, the environment, and most of all, one another.

Thanksgiving 2016 (1)

Thanksgiving 2016 (2)

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